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Importance Of Home Inspections

When we are representing Buyers in a residential home purchase, we always recommend a home inspection. Why? Because a trained professional combs through the home to verify everything is in good working order. This includes the roof, plumbing, HVAC, electrical and even the appliances. If something is not working appropriately the inspector will mark it down on their extensive report.

Inspectors also check for safety issues. Do all of the electrical outlets have covers on them? Are there any pipes leaking causing the development of wood rot or mold? Is the roof leaking causing rot of the trusses and support beams? These are all issues that should be checked by the inspector.

I sold a house where I represented the buyers in the transaction, the home had been totally remodeled and was beautiful. I still recommended the inspection so the buyers agreed to hire an inspector. The inspector found mold and rotten plywood in the attic, some minor electrical issues and some other minor problems. Fortunately the Sellers were willing to remedy the issues and the buyers were able to purchase the home. If they did not have the inspection, they would be stuck with those issues as no one knew about them.

I had another home that was under contract and had the inspection done only to find that the electrical wiring was well under code and there was a support beam under the house that was rotten. These were quite costly issues but they were also some major safety concerns.

This is why I always recommend a home inspection and any Real Estate Agent will always recommend having one. It is a small price to pay for the assurance it provides.

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