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So You Want To Be A Realtor?

Part One of the "Becoming a Realtor" Series

Have you been looking at Faith & Hope Realty, Inc. (or another company, but I can tell you why ours is awesome!), and thinking, "I could do that!"? well, truth is, you can if you put your mind to it. If you have ever considered becoming a Real Estate Agent, follow along on this journey and I'll tell you how to make it happen! (Please be advised this article only covers the State of Florida. Requirements may differ by state.)

The first, and truly most important step, is deciding this is a career path you want to follow and having the passion to do so! In my case, I actually became friends with one of my now coworkers and decided I really wanted to work with them, have that same love for a career, and help others make their dreams come true. Passion can develop in many ways, and mine was through connection with a friend and desire to help! Thankfully, they were also there to give me advice throughout my journey.

Now that we have the "want", we have to figure out the "how". It is easier than you think to get started! To become a licensed Real Estate Sales Agent in the State of Florida, you have to take and pass an approved course, register with the Department of Business & Professional Regulation (DBPR), then pass a state licensing exam. (The rest of the steps to get you selling are after you pass that exam!) So let's break those steps down:

  1. Take and pass a state-approved course. The first course you will take is a 63 hour run down of just about everything you will need for your career. A simple Google search will yield results on a good course to take. (Pro Tip: Check GROUPON! I was able to get my pre- and post-licensing courses in a bundle deal for around $80, whereas courses can run up to $200 just for pre-licensure.) The bulk of courses are now online, which allow you the flexibility to work at your own pace through preset modules. Set aside the time to work through this course, pass the exam at the end (think of it as a practice test for your state licensure!), and receive your certificate via email.

  2. Register with the DBPR. This has a couple parts, so bear with me! You are going to need that certificate from your course, so go pull that out of your email. Then, you are going to need to get fingerprints done, about 5-7 days before you submit your application. There are several approved sites in every county, so check to see what is closest to you. (There is a fee, and it varies by location.) After you have waited those few days, go ahead and submit your application to DBPR. (The fee is about $89, plus tax, at the time of this post.)

  3. Take the state licensing exam. This is both the easiest and hardest step. Registering for the test through Pearson Vue is super easy! Go to their site, register for a testing location near you, and show up for the exam. (It is roughly $37 for the exam!) The exam is not "easy" though. It will take studying and that passion we talked about earlier. Nervous? You should get your results right then, so no waiting and pacing the floors!

All together, it should cost somewhere between $150-$375 depending on the course you select, if they bundle courses, fingerprinting fee, application fee, and testing fees. While this number can seem a little daunting, remember that you are on your way to a fruitful career and you will "pay yourself back" with your first sale.

So, you passed your exam and your application is approved for the Florida DBPR! Congratulations! You are officially a licensed Real Estate Sales Agent. But... now what?

Come back for part two where we will explore what to do with that brand new license. If you can't wait or want to become a member of our team even sooner, feel free to reach out and we are happy to walk you through it!


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